About Us

שלומית בק - עורכת דיןShlomit Beck Law Office was established in 1989.

Our office gives you legal services in the following fields:

  • Real Estate
  • Inheritance and legacies
  • Litigation
  • Notary services
  • Real Estate

Shlomit Beck Law Office specializes in the field of real estate, and deals with the legal accompaniment of real estate transactions (sale, combination transactions, etc.), from beginning to end, starting with the examination of the question of taxation, up to the completion of registrations at the authorities and in the Land Registration Offices.

The firm’s services are also given in the field of the leasing of properties, business premises, and apartments.

Also, the firm advises representatives of condominiums (“tenants committees”), deals with the registrations of condominiums and changes in condominium registrations (roof attachment, etc.) in the Land Registration Office.

Inheritance and Legacies

Shlomit Beck Law Office also deals with the field of inheritance and legacies, guardian appointment procedures, and more.


Shlomit Beck Law Office deals with the representation of companies and private customers in civil actions, in suits under the tenant’s protection law, claims due to building defects, planning and construction violations, breach of contractional liabilities and offenses against rights in the field of real estate and more.

Notary Services

Shlomit Beck Law Office offers notary services in the Hebrew and English languages.

Services are provided both to the firm’s clients and to the general public. With the framework of these services, it is possible to obtain notary authentication of documents, certifications of translations from Hebrew to English and vice versa, notarized probation of will, and more.

Adv. Shlomit Beck

Adv. Shlomit Beck was awarded a degree of “Bachelor of Law” (LL.B.) upon completion of her law studies at Tel Aviv University in 1986 and became a member of the Bar Association of Israel in 1987.

Adv. Shlomit Beck served, within the framework of her military service in the legal department of the Soldiers Complaints Commissioner (S.C.C.).

In 1989 Adv. Shlomit Beck established the firm.

During the firm’s activity over the years and in parallel to its ongoing activities, Adv. Shlomit Beck served in different roles, including:

  • Legal adviser to the “Amidar” company, a duty that includes legal consultation and filing claims of eviction against tenants of public housing apartments.
  • Legal adviser acting on behalf of the Attorney General to the “Lodim” local committee for planning and construction, within the framework of which Adv. Shlomit Beck handled the filing of statements of claim due to building without a permit and nonconforming use in the settlements within the jurisdiction of the committee, along with ongoing consultation to the committee.
  • Legal adviser to the non-profit organization “Association of Land Lords”, an organization that unified owners of real estate properties.